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Need it made-to-measure?

Check out our Build-a-Box service in the link here

ECO Products

On the move?

Check out our House Moving Packages in the link here

ECO Products

Our factory can make MADE TO MEASURE boxes in ANY QUANTITY.

That means you can have 1 box, 5 boxes, 10 boxes, etc - made to fit your product/s.

Our cardboard is +70% recycled material (we keep a kraft liner on the outside for strength, durability & finish) but 100% RECYCLABLE.

By making the boxes MADE TO MEASURE you can reduce the internal packaging used (bubble wrap, loosefill, etc) but maintain product protection. This means saving materials, money, time - all by simply making a smaller box, sized to fit!

We can offer various board grades to suit the protection needed - single wall, double wall, heavy duty double wall.

Just 007 simple steps to your self-designed box:-

  1. Choose your material (single wall, double wall, heavy duty double wall)
  2. Choose your style (from the options to the left)
  3. Choose your size (let us know the internal size)
  4. Choose your finish (glued or stapled)
  5. Choose your quantity (ANY!)
  6. Plain or 'Stamp Printed' (we can stamp print small quantities of boxes with your logo!)
  7. Provide us your details

Check out our build-a-box feature which gives you prompts and guidance on the above as well as much more useful information and pictures! We can manufacture other styles, please enquire.


007 ways to be ECO-FRIENDLY!

“Your ‘Special Service’ in Packaging”

001 - ‘Made to Measure’ Cardboard Boxes

Saving the world in a 'different way'!

Made to Measure Boxes - Saving time, money & Environment!

Paper tapes, gummed or self-adhesive, are not only environmentally friendly but they have

excellent sealing qualities.

  1. An integral closure (penetrates the fibres of the box)
  2. Tamper evidence (cannot be removed without traces of damage, unlike standard packaging tapes)
  3. 100% Recyclability (made from renewable, natural resources)
  4. Temperature Tolerant
  5. Improved Packaging Presentation
  6. Cost Savings* (*potential per linear metre)
  7. Increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue (by using suitably designed machines & dispensers)

If paper tapes are not the answer, we have developed our ECO Alias Vinyl – A super high tack, water based (for environmental benefits) PP Tape.

Far more environmentally friendly than a solvent alternative.

002 - Paper Tapes

Packaging systems are a great way to reduce materials used in packing, improve efficiency of packing, improve the presentation of your products and improve performance. We have available a wide range of systems to suit all needs :-

003 - Air Bag/Bubble Systems/Paper Void Fill Systems

Replace your standard polythene docs enclosed/packing list wallets with our BIO-DEGRADABLE wallets.

Printed ‘Green’ & identifying that they are made from OXO-Bio-degradable films, these are an Eco-Friendly way to make sure your paperwork is attached to your parcel.

004 - Bio-Degradable Documents Enclosed Wallets

We call it simply ‘BIO’.

A starch based alternative to the standard polystyrene void fill ‘chippings’. A good, Eco-Friendly way to fill voids & protect your product in transit.

005 - Bio-Degradable Loosefill

Made from 100% recycled material, 100% recyclable, single-faced corrugated rolls for wrapping, cushioning, void filling.

006 - Corrugated Rolls

Whilst we can’t get away from polythene to stretch wrap your pallets, we have worked with our suppliers to come up with a range of recyclable films which reduces the amount of material used, without impacting on performance – in fact, improving on performance.

Our range of HI-PER films offer less material, increased performance, and as they are made from 100% VIRGIN film, recyclable.

007 - High-Performance Stretch Films